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Skid Row Walk - December 17

Manny and Lyn drove their mini van filled with clothing, John Hernandez and Sr. Lucy. Tim and John began walking from the Gold Line station, the others following in the van, stopping as we always do, at Union Station to visit the restrooms, then continuing on to the skid row district. The Sierra Club hike leaders admonished us not to drown the first people we come upon with goods, there are plenty of others further on. Sr. Lucy and Lyn both eventually got out and handed out items, Manny driving behind and resupplying us as we ran out of items. Later, we passed out our items to the other walkers who were now empty handed and eager to help disperse the goods. Because of the one-way streets in the skid row area, we had to go around the block to re-position ourselves with the fast moving volunteers walking down the streets. We lost track of them eventually with items still in the back of the van, mostly children and women's clothing, so we decided the leftovers would be donated to one of the missions, and headed back towards home. Our annual Skid Row walk always ranks as one the highlights of our year.

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