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LA Affiliates at Pax Christi Bible Study with Fr. John Dear, SJ

LA Affiliates, Maryknoll Sister Lucy Yu MM, John Hernandez, Peggy and Joe Santos and Maryknoll Sister Mary Driscoll were at the Pax Christi of Orange County meeting. Fr. John Dear, SJ gave a bible study on his new book from Orbis Books, "LAZARUS, COME FORTH! How Jesus Confronts the Culture of Death into the New Life of Peace."

"The raising of Lazarus in John's Gospel is one of the most dramatic and poignant episodes in scripture. While traditionally read as a story about friendship and faith, Dear shows through his extended meditations how it also summarizes the persistent theme of the Gospel. If Lazarus represents humanity, the story of his raining is about the God of Life confronting the power of death itself, calling humanity to walk out of its tomb-the culture of violence and war-and into 'the new life of resurrection peace'."

As always, Fr. John gives us much to think about and we admire his commitment to peace and to the reign of God on Earth.

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