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Welcome to the San Diego Chapter Webpage

San Diego ChapterThe San Diego Maryknoll Affiliates meet on an average of once a month, taking turns providing hospitality in Affiliates’ homes in different parts of San Diego. The group includes members who have in the past or currently serve people in missions in different parts of the world and  includes a Maryknoll Sister. Our members have served on the Affiliate Board and two are currently regional coordinators for California. 

The group supports one another in varied activities such as work on the California/Mexico border, help in local refugee resettlement, as well as educational initiatives in local parishes and institutions on immigration reform and on peace-building in Palestine/Israel.

We continue as pilgrims seeking to grow in spirituality, prayer, community and global vision. And we greatly enjoy one another’s company and support – our San Diegan version of community. 

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San Diego Chapter meeting

On Sunday, September 28, 2014, San Diego Chapter Affiliates met at the home of Charlie and Marta Reilly. In addition to the hosts, Jim DeHarpporte, Bob Metzger, Michele Dunn, Erin and Spencer Rickwa, Peggy and Joe Santos, newly arrived grand dog, Jack and Fergus . The Opening Prayer was led by Michele with sharing and discussion on "Cultivating Compassion for Oneself and Others". Spencer led the group in the continuing discussion  The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr

Many were surprised by how they see themselves and what the study of Enneagram tells us how we really might be.

A delicious lunch followed including delicious brownies. 


December Meeting of the San Diego Affiliates Chapter


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Affiliates on the Pacific

Last week, members of the San Diego affiliate group who were not on vacation welcomed Dick and Nancy Bureson here on a state visit from our sister republic of Texas. While we have sorely missed them, you can see plenty of joy at their return. They are much involved in Texas level mission and hopefully they can generate a new affiliate chapter in Austin one day.

Erin Rickwa, Nancy & Dick Bureson, Spencer Rickwa, Marta, Charlie and Jim DeHarpporteErin Rickwa, Nancy & Dick Bureson, Spencer Rickwa, Marta, Charlie and Jim DeHarpporte

News from San Diego

San Diego Affiliates have been meeting monthly for prayer and reflection. We were happy to welcome a new married couple to the group in November, Sean Parland and Beth Jean. Our December meeting at the home of Charlie & Marta Reilly will be a prayer and discussion followed by a Christmas lunch celebration. Jim DeHarpporte has stepped up to be our new chapter coordinator. Merry Christmas to all!

Most of us have not been to the Great Wall of China!

SAN DIEGO CHAPTER MEETING             Great Wall of China

The San Diego Chapter had their first meeting of 2011 on Saturday, the 29th of January in the home of the Inland Reillys (Karen and Pat).  The opening reflection was a shared reading of the aspirations of the Maryknoll Affiliates movement.

Of special note was the first time attendance of Sister Paula Smith, Medical Missionaries of Mary.  Sr. Paula spent time in Africa and the past few years has lived in Tijuana, Mexico and now is just across the border in San Isidro. She shared with us the challenges she and all sisters are facing in getting Mission Church dates.

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