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Maryknollers at Polo

Albany Chapter at Polo GroundsSixteen members of the MK Albany Affiliates gathered on Friday August 31 for an evening of friendship and camaraderie on the Saratoga Polo fields in Saratoga NY. For many it was the first polo match they had attended but most likely not their last. Four cars gathered with chairs, food and the willingness to try something different. A slight breeze tempered the sunshine, and although the thermometer was hovering around 90 degrees it was quite comfortable on the field. The polo ponies are magnificent animals; the riders expertise make this difficult sport look much easier than it truly is as they thunder past only a few feet away from the crowd.

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The Fire Continues to Burn

Three of us from the Albany Affiliate chapter had the pleasure of attending the Maryknoll Sisters Centennial Symposium: Hearts on Fire on April 20, 21. We were warmly welcomed as per usual by the Sisters who always greet us as though we were family.

Invocation Native Hawaiian Chant by Britina Kirway, MMInvocation Native Hawaiian Chant by Britina Kirway, MMThe Invocation Native Hawaiian Chant by Britina Kirway , MM, opened the Symposium. Immediately the diversity of the MK Sisters is evident; in the music and dance, in the symbols and in the faces. They celebrate diversity yet their words always focus on what is shared throughout all cultures not what is different.

Friday morning's speakers Joanne Jaruko Doi, MM and Antoinette Gutzler, MM spoke of the Collective Memory of all women, of all cultures, thru all times; who heard the voices of the heart and did what needed to be done. They spoke of the Courage and Radiance of the women who accepted the challenge, and moved forward tapping into the depth of God's love. They moved forward with the grace of a World Wide Heart that also included the Grace of Doubt that allowed them to question all, but continue to trust in God.

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Book Presentation Spreads Mother Mary Joseph's Spirit

Book Presentation Spreads Mother Mary Joseph's Spirit

Sister Claudette LaVerdiere MM signing books sitting with Rich LessardSister Claudette LaVerdiere MM signing books sitting with Rich LessardOn November 17.18, and 19, the Albany Chapter had the honor of hosting a presentation/ book signing by Sr. Claudette LaVerdiere for her book "On The Threshold of The Future: The Life and Spirituality of Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, Founder of the Maryknoll Sisters." Our Chapter decided to read the book as a group to deepen our connection to Maryknoll and its beginnings. Many of our members had met Sr. Claudette in the past, and were taken by her enthusiasm and presence. Sr. Ellen McDonald accompanied Sr. Claudette for the weekend. Sr. Ellen is the co-founder of the Maryknoll Affiliates along with Fr. Jim Madden.

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Reflections of a Stellar Celebration

Rich Lessard and I made the trip down to Maryknoll to help direct traffic and park cars for the opening Centennial Celebration Liturgy. We were happy to help out the Sisters in anyway we could; we were even happier that the temperature was above freezing. As always we were graciously greeted and thanked for our interest and participation. 

The Chapel was ready, Stars were everywhere; on the banners that lined the walls commemorating  countries that Maryknoll sisters serve in, stars bearing the name of each Maryknoll Sister lined the drapes on the alter and billions of stars in all of the galaxies were depicted in a photo of the Cosmos. A large star that led the procession rested at the base of the altar, and the living Stars, the Maryknoll Sisters in attendance were shining brightly.

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