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Paul D'Arcy

Paul D'ArcyPaul D'Arcy, long-time Maryknoll Affiliate with the New York City Subway Chapter, passed away on March 24.

Paul could be considered one of the founding members of the Maryknoll Affiliates, one of the first to be involved in the movement through the New York City Subway Chapter. Only recently did I discover one of his early papers written about the Maryknoll Affiliates that we now use as one of our readings on Maryknoll Affiliate history (icon Maryknoll's Role Vis-a-vis Affiliates).

It is significant that Paul now shares the same day of his passing with Archbishop Romero. From now on we will remember two great men on this day.

Paul will be deeply missed by all of us in the New York City Subway Chapter, and it is a great loss to the entire Maryknoll family.

You may also download a tribute to Paul written by Eugene Kennedy here.