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Jackie Maggiore shares with New York City Subway Chapter

Maryknoll Affiliate Jackie Maggiore joined the meeting of the New York City Subway Chapter to talk with us about

Jackie Maggiore
Jackie Maggiore presenting to the New York City Subway Chapter (sitting: Ginger Yorio)

 Carla Piette and her new book about Carla, Vessel of Clay. Jackie shared in a very personal way the life story of Carla, a friend of Jackie's since kindergarten. Jackie spoke of Carla's early life, what led her to Maryknoll and eventually to Chile and El Salvador, where she died in a flash flood.

It was wonderful to hear Jackie tell the story on this Mission Sunday. She wove in the interconnectedness of Carla's life with the story of Maryknoll and the history of Chile and El Salvador.

Jackie with Jet Birond0-Goddard
Jackie chatting with Jet Birondo-Goddard

All of us were deeply impressed. It was most appropriate to hear this story during the 30th anniversary year of Carla's death and the death of the church women.

If you don't have the opportunity to hear Jackie, consider getting the book. You can also read more of what John Dear wrote about Carla and the book Vessel of Clay at NCR online.

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