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Updates from The Philadelphia Maryknoll Affiliates

The Philadelphia Maryknoll Affiliates gathered in September and October to complete the Experimental Model Evaluation using Appreciative Inquiry.

At the September gathering, we reflected on a passage from Mt 25:1-2, about the wedding attendants. Using a book written by Miriam Therese Winter (published by Orbis) titled eucharist with a small "e", we were introduced to a new way to interpret this story, looking at it from the perspective of how two-thirds of the world would approach it from their experience. According to the author, an "alternative understanding of this story is based on a literal reading of the text, which in itself is ironic...From a justice orientation, the foolish are wise and the wise foolishly follow the ways of the world right up to the very end, eating and drinking and making merry while the poor are kept outside. If this were the heavenly banquet, Jesus would never have barred the door, for whoever returns to him, is always-always-welcome".

Mary and Pat agreed to work on event projected for Fall, 2012 to honor the Maryknoll Sisters 100th anniversary.

The October gathering began with the a prayer from the Education for Justice site: A Prayer for Peace and Peacemakers

Our October gathering ended with us taking car trunkful of food and water to the drop off point at City Hall in Philadelphia for those encamped in the Occupy Philadelphia demonstration.

Our next gathering will be in December with an Advent theme and hospitality.

Philadelphia Maryknoll Affiliates delivering food to Occupy Philadelphia participants. October 16, 2011

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