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Greetings from Thailand


Greetings from Thailand. Arrived yesterday after a 20 hour flight to "global warmed" Thailand, a sweltering 95 degrees, with a 1 hour rain storm around 3 in the afternoon. Both the heat and rain are unusual at this time of the year. Today (Sat.) is about 10 degrees cooler and wonderful. Hope there is no rain. Met lots of other Maryknollers, priests, and volunteers. The comraderie is wonderful. Went to dinner with Brother John Beeching, MM, and Serge (long time volunteer from NY, former USAF and Ireland Airlines).  Bangkok really is a hub for Maryknollers in SE Asia. I start teaching on Monday at Wat (temple) Vorachanyawat. Might also teach in another Wat that has Burmese monks. Will see. The sights, smells, noise are so familiar. So glad to be back here.

Love, Carolyn 

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