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Tupendane (Let us love each other) is a special place. It's a place where young women cooperatively work together in their own business. Two Maryknoll Sisters, (Sr. Mary Reese and Sr. Rosalie Lacorte) with 80 years of African mission experience developed this model of cooperative work with incentives and working together. It is very successful in that young women have been educated have skills, have a job, have a good self-image and have a future.

Purchasing items from them would increase their business. Ideas of new products would keep them dynamic and help increase sales.

For the past five years our JustFaith Group at St. Michaels in Olympia sold on the average $800 of Tupendane products at the annual Christmas Fair Trade Sale. With an average wage of $50 a month this $800 provides 16 girls a salary for one month. $50 is a big deal for young women to earn in Tanzania. If you have a Fair Trade Sale or Christmas bazaar in your community you might consider ordering some items from Tupendane. You can also order items individually from the brochure we have attached.

Education of girls is the most important ingredient to giving hope to a community.

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