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Awanda Whitworth

Awanda WhitworthIt is with great sadness that I write that Maryknoll Affiliate Awanda Whitworth passed away today, March 28, 2010. We received the following email from North Texas Affiliate Felcia Gehrig:

I just got word that Awanda Whitworth passed away around 6 pm this evening.  My parents had gone to visit her at the hospital yesterday but she was sleeping.  Her husband, Charles, then called to let my parents know that she passed away this evening.  I am shocked and saddened deeply. As I am sure so many folks are.  She will be missed by so many.  Her passion for mission has inspired and will continue to inspire so many folks, including myself.

Awanda was active for many years in the Houston Chapter. Always a loving, caring and dedicated women, she will be deeply missed. She may be a familiar face to many as she and her husband, Charles, appeared in the Mission Video produced by Maryknoll (the picture above is from that video).

You can read Awanda's obituary in the Houston Chronicle here.

Please keep Charles and their family in your prayers.

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