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New Orleans/Gulf South

Welcome to the New Orleans/Gulf South Webpage

New Orleans Chapter Renewal DayOur New Orleans Chapter began in the summer of ’92. It is a small group of about a dozen or so persons. We meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month [from 6pm till 8pm] in New Orleans. Our meetings usually include some form of scriptural reflection/prayer, some input on a 3rd World country/theme, and some discussion of Maryknoll activities happening locally and/or globally.

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Affiliate Immersion Retreat

Maryknoll Affiliates - Mission Immersion Retreat

Guatemala/Esquipulas - Sept 30-Oct 7, 2014

Sponsored By:
Maryknoll Mission Education Center- New Orleans

Directed by: Mr. Matt Rousso and Fr. Gerry Kelly M.M.

The Mission Immersion Retreat will begin in Guatemala City where the Guatemala Maryknoll Affiliates will present participants with a dynamic workshop focusing on the current reality of Guatemala as experienced by peoples in various parts of the country . . A special event during our Guatemala stay will be a visit/prayer service at San Sebastian Parish, the site of Bishop Gi- rardi’s martyrdom. . . .

Participants then will go to Esquipulas, the pilgrimage town where hundreds of people gather daily to venerate the famous sculpture of El Cristo Negro, enshrined in the beautiful basilica of JesuCristo Crucificado. . . .During their time in Esquipulas, participants will live in a rather simple mission house, Casa Nazareth, located in the very poor barrio of Santa Ana.

Each day will include Morning Prayer and Evening Theological Reflections, along with reflection/discussion of “Understanding Culture: Fundamental to Mission”. . .There will be some time each day for private meditation and/or free time and some occasions to celebrate Eucharist.

Registration Form

Name _________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________ City/State ______________________________________________________

Maryknoll Mission Ed Center 7730 Walmsley Ave
New Orleans, La 70125

For More Information Contact: Matt Rousso (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) Phone: 504-866-8516

Phone No: _____________________E-Mail: __________________________

• Requirements: Though fluency in Spanish would be good, it is not a requirement; however, a commitment and willingness to try to communicate is expected; signed waiver of liability; health precautions according to advice provided to participants; familiarity with articles and reading materials provided.

Cost: Program fee of $450 plus airfare fees/taxes. Program fee covers all costs – including meals, accom- modations, transportation in Guatemala, facilitation and stipends.

Registration: Complete the Registration Form and mail along with $150 - balance of $300 due by Septem- ber 1st ... (we can only accommodate a maximum of 10 participants)

• Airfare: Approximate cost of fare will be $800 based on flight to Guatemala originating in New Orleans or Houston, making whatever travel arrangements are necessary to assure connections in NO or Houston.]

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Rekindling The Maryknoll Missionary Spirit

It was a great opportunity to be invited for mass at the place of the Maryknoll Fathers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Sr. Leonor Montiel, MM, popularly called as Sr. Len invited me there for mass. It was truly an evening of joy because aside from the good food shared after, I also met the Maryknoll family for the first time since I came to Cambodia in February 2012. The new missal responses used at mass made me hesitant to respond since I do not know yet the new format.

Blas Descallar with Maryknoll Missioners in CambodiaBlas Descallar with Maryknoll Missioners in Cambodia

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Ministries in Bangladesh

Peace of Christ!

It is going to be my third month on the 28th in Bangladesh and I am truly enjoying my ministries here. Aside from assisting Srs. Joan and Miriam at BACHA, I am also involved in various ministries. The students here behave differently, so far, I have not heard someone talked back or cursed me, which I have had enough with my students in Louisiana (LOL). As teenagers, they are not spared from talking too much when they get a chance, but one good thing is that they calm down once being asked to be quite. They are very much easy to handle in terms of employing classroom management compared to my previous teaching experience. Most importantly they are appreciative and respectful.

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Leaving With a Heavy Heart


Blas Descallar with TeachersFor several days, Sr. Joan Cordis Westhues, M.M., was confined at the hospital just two weeks after I arrived in Bangladesh on January 28, 2011. Though she was still weak after few days from being discharged, Sr. Joan immediately went back to work as principal of BACHA (Bangladesh Alternative Course for Human Advancement) English Medium School. In just a short span of time teaching at BACHA, I was right away impressed of Sr. Joan’s dedication and hard-work in offering quality education among the Bengali children coming from low and middle income families. Considering that she is almost 90, Sr. Joan is incredibly always enthusiastic in her dealings with students, teachers and school staff, and the parents.  Hearing the day-to-day happenings in school at meal time with the sisters, I would always be in awe on how she could deal with the nitty-gritty and serious problems at school taking into consideration her physical condition and age.

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What are we Affiliates in New Orleans doing Centennial?

One of the things we are planning on doing as an Affiliate project re: Centennial is to get a blurb about the Centennial in the Diocesan Newspaper and in the Daily; we would include a note about our Affiliate Group and invite inquiries.

In addition to the newspaper blurbs, is a Day of Recollection/Prayer on April 9th. Also the Affiliates will help to host a Donors' thank you even/Eucharist in October. Fr. Leo Shea is scheduled as the principal celebrant.

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