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Ministries in Bangladesh

Peace of Christ!

It is going to be my third month on the 28th in Bangladesh and I am truly enjoying my ministries here. Aside from assisting Srs. Joan and Miriam at BACHA, I am also involved in various ministries. The students here behave differently, so far, I have not heard someone talked back or cursed me, which I have had enough with my students in Louisiana (LOL). As teenagers, they are not spared from talking too much when they get a chance, but one good thing is that they calm down once being asked to be quite. They are very much easy to handle in terms of employing classroom management compared to my previous teaching experience. Most importantly they are appreciative and respectful.

My involvement in the diocesan seminary is also great. Although it is challenging to help the seminarians to learn English, it is however fun particularly when I cannot think of how to simplify or even mimics a word to illustrate its meaning. One day, I asked them to share their favorite English song, and most of them can only identify religious songs that they are using at the seminary. One of the seminarians mentioned the song “I have decided to follow Jesus.” From the list of songs, I asked which word they do not know yet. Among others, they mentioned the word “follow,” so I called a volunteer to walk and I stayed at his back and followed him. My creativity is certainly enhanced as I am helping them learn the language. I have been teaching them religious songs for us to use as our prayer before and after our sessions. One of the songs I taught them was “You Are My Hiding Place.” So then again, I tried to explain each word and when I asked if they know the word hiding, nobody knows yet so I have to think how to illustrate the word. They all laughed when I crawled under the table and went behind the door. Praised be to God, they all grasped what the word “hide” meant!

I conducted training on basic community organizing in another diocese. It is my passion to be involved in community organizing since I was engaged in social development programs in the Philippines before I went to the US. Twenty-four nuns from various congregations participated the two-day event. These nuns are engaged in different ministries in the villages with different tribal communities. The second phase of the training is scheduled in May, which I am looking forward because we will be having an emersion in the villages. I had been invited to many other ministries which I gladly accepted when there is no conflict with my ministry in BACHA. The warmth, hospitability, and the sincere appreciation of the efforts I have extended to the Bengali people I am ministering with is apparent. Thus, it animates me to keep going and give more in any simple way I could minister them.

May this holy week’s commemoration of Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection inspire us more in doing our ministries and make us bearers of Jesus’ love and care to all the people we are ministering.

in Jesus and Mary,


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