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Washington, D.C. Chapter Update for July, 2011

In April, Maryknoll Father Jim Noonan MM, who works with the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, traveled to Afghanistan with a group called Voices for Creative Non-Violence and talked about his experience in meeting with "youth peacemakers" in Afghanistan, sharing their perspectives on how they keep the hope for peace alive in their country.

In May, Maryknoll Father Jack Sullivan MM shared with us the document entitled "The Unity Tree," a reflection on Maryknoll's history as a growing, vibrant movement that has experienced tremendous change and evolution since its founding in 1911. The group talked about how the Affiliates can contribute to Maryknoll as we move into the future.

In July, Jack Sullivan and Jim Noonan, who attended MAC from the DC chapter, shared their experiences from the Conference for the July meeting.

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